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    Murray Strategic offers a range of services that assist you to achieve the best admission outcome

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Financial Assessment

A web based financial assessment aimed at gauging key staff members’ understanding of the legislation reform of the fees and charges system. Five core areas are assessed and the information obtained from the assessments enables Murray Strategic to design targeted training and support.

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Financial Training

Improve your staff’s understanding of “Aged Care Fees & Charges” after the legislation and ensure your team is well resourced when dealing with new client enquiries to create the best environment for the successful conversion of prospects to residents.

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Sales Training

Provide your staff with a clear understanding of the process required to conduct a professional sales conversation which is solution-based and focuses on the needs of your clients, whilst obtaining optimum results for your organisation.

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Secret Shopper

Assess your team’s sales & financial skills to ensure they have a thorough understanding of your facility’s features and benefits, whilst conducting a successful tour to achieve the best outcome.

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Running a Successful Open Day

Learn how to set realistic goals and gain an understanding of the planning, production and promotion involved in staging a successful open day.


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