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Imagine the power of placing an end-to-end ‘tour’ of your aged care facility at the fingertips of potential residents and their families.

Aged Care Tours enables you to present more decision-influencing information through a highly engaging personalised iPad app.


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Complete showcase

Prospects get unparalleled access to your features and amenities using the app. They’ll feel like they’re actually at your facility.
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24/7 window

Residents and their families can tour your facility at their leisure anytime no matter where they are.
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Faster decision-making

Aged Care Tours drive prospects to finalise their decision much sooner in your favour.
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Reduce competitive influence

Close the book on your competition with an engaging end-to-end overview of your facility. You’ll gain deeper interest from the start and have the persuasive decider in your corner.

What’s included in the Aged Care Tours app?

Choosing an aged care facility is like choosing a new home. Prospective residents and their families are swamped with choice. They need to feel secure that their new home will satisfy their unique needs and preferences; information and experience. Users simply download your facility information to their personal electronic device so they get a clear understanding of your facility from the start through an engaging tour.

Prospects can experience your facility as though they are actually there. The iPad app showcases all key aspects of your facility including:

  • Organisation background
  • Staff
  • Board
  • Accommodation
  • Meals 
  • Activities
  • Day trips
  • Amenities

Ready to discover how the Aged Care Tours app can showcase your facility and what it has to offer?

Contact us to find out more about the simple steps to getting your own Aged Care Tour app.

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