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About Murray Strategic

Linda Murray has been engaged by more than 300 Aged Care facilities around Australia since the 1st of July 2014, and has delivered dozens of high level public presentations to the Aged Care sector, she is a qualified Financial Planner and Certified Trainer and Assessor who is a specialist aged care consultant that has built an in-depth working knowledge of the industry and its consumers over the last decade. 

Linda is the founder of Resident Select, Aged Care Tours, Aged Care On-Line and Aged Care Financial Services and she has provided extensive advice across consumers (residents), facility owners/operators and industry associations. This has provided Linda with a unique multifaceted understanding of the aged care business.

She has designed and delivered literally hundreds of group-training sessions to care staff across the country both as generic workshops and customised in-house corporate specific sessions.

In particular, the in-house sessions have up-skilled hundreds of facility staff to discuss in confidence the numerous costs involved to enter aged care and has been to re-develop to reflect the Living Longer Living Better changes from the 1st of July 2014.

Linda firmly believes that well trained competent staff are vital to the financial well-being of aged care businesses.
Linda regularly conducts confidential analysis of a facility’s resident admission procedure, comparing and reporting against best-practice benchmarks.

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